Smurf accounts will receive additional MMR points

September 27, 2019

On the night of September 27, Dota 2 developers added a test algorithm to matchmaking, which should help to quickly identify smurf accounts of strong players. If the system determines that the user performs much better than any other average player of his rank, then after the matches he will receive additional MMR points.

According to the developers, this method will help owners of smurf accounts to quickly “go through low ranks” and get to their current level of play, which means minimizing inconvenience for ordinary users. A Valve representative asked Dota 2 fans to send the match number and the nicknames of those who they think are smurfing to special email so that developers could precisely test algorithm on them.

In the comments on Reddit, many users were positive about Valve’s initiative, although there were some players who were not happy about the new changes. In particular, there were concerns that the new algorithm would make life easier for boosters and account merchants. Other fans said that Valve should pay attention not to those who play too well, but to those who play too poorly and spoil the fun for other players.

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