Fast Queue added to Dota 2 Matchmaking

November 2, 2019

Valve has introduced a Fast Roled Queue for Dota 2. Players who search for the game in the new mode will be given priority when searching for a game. To earn a pass in Fast Queue, you need to start searching by selecting all the roles at once.

For meeting the conditions, the user will receive four matches in a fast queue, where he can play on any position later. This rule also works in group match-making, where lobby participants must distribute all available roles among themselves. For example, in a team of two users, one can choose a carry, a midlaner, or an offline role, and the other can choose both options of supporting (hard support or pos 4).

The groups that have marked all the roles are automatically included in the quick matchmaking. They can earn up to two passes in Fast Queue. Teams of five do not get extra fast queue games.

On October 10, Valve changed the matchmaking system in Dota 2. After the update, many players began to complain about the long search for matches. The developers planned to roll back the patch, but later the situation did not improve.

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