The Outlanders update didn't help to increase the playerbase of Dota 2

December 1, 2019

Peak online in Dota 2 after the release of the patch 7.23 was 701 thousand users. The result, which was recorded on November 30 was worse than at the beginning of the month. On November 9, Valve’s MOBA was played by 708,000 users simultaneously. The statistics were provided by the Steam Charts portal.

Peak online on the day of The Outlanders update was 515 thousand people. The next day after the release of the patch it reached almost 648 thousand people. Despite the positive dynamics within one month, this value is inferior to the best indicators of the beginning of the year. In March, the peak online in Dota 2 exceeded a million players, and then the figure began to fall.

Previously, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was ahead of Dota 2 in terms of the average number of users in the game. The first time this happened was in October. Next month, the shooter beat the MOBA again.


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