Wraith King infographics (Stats, Lore, Fun facts and much more)

May 29, 2019

Wraith King is very popular both, in pubs and on the PRO scene. Hero is simple, but effective, and that’s why so many pub and PRO players love him.

In this infographics, we will cover the story of Wraith King, statistics of the hero, counterpicks and much more!


The offlane Wraith King is the new meta, and the hero has become very popular as a hardlaner. Now he seems to be cut out for this very role. There’s the stun and the tankiness. Besides, he can also soak lots of damage to protect his team, which is absolutely invaluable. In case his team is dominating, the WK is a force to be reckoned with. A PSG.LGD pro player, Chalice, is going to demonstrate to us how strong this hero is in a play-off match against OG at The International 2018, you can find Chalice and other WK guides on our videos page for Wraith King

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