Predict the winners of The International 2019 and win coolest prizes (Gaming chair, devices and $$$ in Steam cards!

August 9, 2019

The International 2019 will begin very soon, which means that it’s time for us to launch the “Battle of the Predictors”. Now we will conduct a short excursion for those who do not understand what the Predictors’ Battle means and how can you win the gamning devices and Stam money.

What is the “Battle of the Predictors” for TI9 in general?

We have been having the Predictors’ Battles at MoreMMR starting from The International 2018. “Predictor Battles” are held during all major tournaments. The idea is that every MoreMMR user can go to a special page at MoreMMR and predict the winners of every single match and the entire tournament. A distinctive feature is that the MoreMMR AI neural network will also fight with you. Participation in all “Battles of the Predictors” is absolutely free and does not require much time.

What is the benefit for the participants?
Everyone who takes part in the “Battle of the Predictors” from MoreMMR will get a chance to win coolest gaming prizes, as well as money in steam cards.


This time we will giveaway:

  • Dxracer Chair
  • Keyboard and mouse from HyperX,
  • Headset from HyperX
  • $300 in Steam gift cards;
  • Dozens of gift codes up to $75 from FragStore!

A full list of prizes and terms of participation will be announced next week. Follow the MoreMMR Blog! for the updates!

Why is the Predictors’ Battle is just what you need?

The Battle of the Predictors is a great chance to show off your analyst’s skill. Predicting Dota 2 matches does not take much time and at the same time it can return with greatprizes, and perhaps it will push you to a new interesting hobby. And after you sharpen the predictor skill using our service, you can safely go to our friends from GG Bet. With them, you can not even lose if you use Aegis, which gives you a chance to make a mistake and not lose your money!

Don’t just think, start to predict!

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