New features at MoreMMR: Levels and Quests

September 25, 2019

Hey guys, we have good news! We have added new features for all users. First, now each user has individual tasks, and on the top of that the level system was also introduced.

Individual tasks
Individual tasks are selected for the user depending on the chosen role, heroes, in-game rank, our estimated user rank (if there is no game rank) and average performance for the last matches. Now the tasks consist of two videos and two quests, passing which you will get XP and MP (Player gets X2 bonus on the task if completed in 24 hours after receiving).

This innovation should have been added long time ago - there is XP, but there are no levels - this is no good. Therefore, now the levels at MoreMMR are available to everyone - a reward is given for each level, and every 5 levels the reward is significantly higher. Earn new levels by getting XP, which has also been redesigned - now XP is given depending on your performance in each match - the better you play, the more XP you get. Also, you get XP for quests, tasks, win streaks, weekly cups, and personal analysis. One important issue - in order to ensure that everyone starts with the same conditions, we had to reset all XP received earlier.

Tell us what you think in comments, it is very important for us to get feedback on our new features!

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