The results of the second stage of MoreMMR League tournament with the $20,000 prize pool

September 10, 2019

A few days ago the second qualifying round of the MoreMMR League. Let’s summarize the past stage of the league and talk a little about the final battle in December.

How much can you earn playing Dota 2 amateur tournaments?

There are many amateur leagues and tournaments nowadays. Usually, as in big sports and in esports, at this level people don’t get a lot of money or contracts, as investors begin to be interested in teams at a higher level. We decided to fix the balance a bit and created an amateur league with a decent prize of $20,000. For professionals, this amount is negligible, while for amateurs this is an excellent starting opportunity.


The final stage of the MoreMMR League is scheduled for December 27, 2019. All winners of qualifying qualifications, as well as the best teams in the rating table of MoreMMR League will be able to take part in it.

Prize pool distribution at the final stage of the MoreMMR League:

1st place - $ 9,000;
2nd place - 4,000 dollars;
3-4 place of 1,000 dollars;
5-8 place - 250 dollars;
9th-16th place - 125 dollars.


At the qualifying stages, teams compete for a prize pool of $500 and 250 MRP (ranking points that are necessary to get into the final part of the MoreMMR League).

In the qualifying stage, the first-place team receives $ 250 and a quota in the MoreMMR League Final Tournament. Silver medalists get $ 150 and 40 MRP, and 3-4 places for $ 50 and 30 MRP. The remaining participants receive only rating points: 20 MRP for 5-8th place, and 10 MRP for 9-16th place.


All prize money we pay to players’ personal bank accounts. You can read more about prizes, as well as the format and system of the competition in the section MoreMMR League Rules.

Final game of the second qualification MoreMMR League

The finalists of the second stage of our league showed an excellent game with sharp turns and epic comebacks. Both teams took the game seriously and have chosen non-standard picks. The ShavaReborn team chose: Shadow Demon, Wraith King, Queen of Pain, Rubick, Batrider. Their opponents from the PbITCaPu team snapped: Clinkz, Sand King, Venomancer, Mirana, Jakiro.


From the first minutes, ShavaReborn players actively pressed the top lane, and already at 1:40 they managed to arrange the first kill on Clinkz. Up to 20 minutes, both teams exchanged equally heroes and buildings. But, by the 30th minute, the ShavaReborn team gained an advantage of about six thousand in gold, and also managed to destroy all the external towers of the rivals.

At 42 minutes, the advantage has already increased to 13 thousand gold. And it would seem that the game is already in the hands of the ShavaReborn team, but the unsuccessful fight in Roshpit at the 48th minute returned the PbITCaPu team to the game. And, starting from this moment, the “Knights” did not give a chance to get rid of opponents, and finished the game in their favor.


Thus, PbITCaPu became the champions of the second qualification, for which they will receive $ 250 and a ticket to the final stage of the MoreMMR League. ShavaReborn will receive $ 150 per team and 40 MRP. The remaining teams will receive $ 50 and 30 MRP.

Do not forget that the third qualifying stage will begin very soon in the MoreMMR League. The next qualifying round is scheduled for September 28, 2019. Gather teams, train and compete for real money with MoreMMR!

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