Why VICI have all chances to win The International 2019?

August 14, 2019

Only 1 day left before the start of The International 2019, and we analyze the latest favorites on our list - Vici Gaming.

Organization History

Vici Gaming is one of the oldest The International 2019 favorites. The organization was formed in 2012 and combined the DotA and Dota 2 rosters. Over time, the organization closed the DotA roster and completely focused on the second version of the game.

During the existence of the tag, famous players of the Chinese pro-scene were playing for VICI. Among them: Lu Somnus 丶 M Yao, Bu YaphetS Yangtsing, Wong ChuaN Hawk Chuan and many others.

Vici Gaming roster at TI4

The first performance of VICI at The International was in 2014. Back then, the team roster was: Liu Sylar Jiajun, Xie Super Junhao, Bai rOtK Fang, Lu Fenrir Chao and Xu fy Linsen. The team played the group stage perfectly and reached the grand final of the main tournament of that year. Unfortunately, in decisive games, opponents turned out to be stronger and VG had to be content with only the second place.

The roster of VG in 2014

After TI4, the team fought for the title of best in the China region. With varying success, they managed to win in the domestic and international scale. In the end, the team arrived at The international 2015, where in the semi-finals of the lower bracket VICI could not beat LGD. At the end of the tournament, the owners of the organization completely changed the approach to signing players and the approach to the tag in general.

From 2016 to 2018, the organization had many teams and experimented with coaches. But on TI8, the main team took 9-12th place, which clearly did not suit the title of top team in China. As a result, it was decided to replace the support and player complex lines.

rOtk - former player and current coach of Vici Gaming

After TI8 the roster changed to: Pan Fade Yu, Zhou Yang Haiyang and Ding Dy Cong. Also, instead of Tong Mikasa Junjie, Bai rOtK Fan, who had previously played for the organization, but ended his career and was invited to the position of coach. Thus, the team played the DPC season 2018/2019.

last match with each of the favorites

DPC season 2018/2019 for Vici Gaming
The season 2018/2019 was more than successful for VICI. For the whole year, VG went had to hand with other tier 1 teams like VP, Secret, EG, Liquid. At ESL One Hamburg 2018, the team managed to get into the finals, where they lost to Team Secret.

Tournaments in which VG participated during the 2018/2019 DPC season
At the last major (EPICENTER Major), the team managed not only to go through the entire tournament through the top bracket , but also won in the final against Team Liquid. Thus, we can say that the team had a good season, despite periodic ups and downs throughout the year.

Why are VICI Gaming Favorites
The team has young and very strong players. All this is supported by the impeccable leadership and experience of their coach. ROtK itself builds strategies for the team and is also involved in tournament drafts. Players, in turn, are well aware of their mentor’s strategies and often demonstrate this very well.

VG - Champions of DreamLeague Season 11

The team makes a big bet precisely on core players. VICI has two stellar and most importantly young players - Paparazi and Ori. Both are well versed in the game and often make the right decisions in difficult gaming situations. Both players are also strong individually. Prior to combining the rating, Paparazi did not fall below the top 10 players in China, and Ori - the top 20.

VG - champions of EPICENTER Major 2019

Vici Gaming is often playing with tempo heroes. The team concentrates on the enemy’s structures and loves to play around macro push strategies. Also, the main aggression is manifested in the mid game, when the cores get a few main items and go fighting. You can find out all about the builds for different heroes in the topic of builds on MoreMMR.

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