will miss the BTS Dota Summit Minor due to visa issues

October 18, 2019

Virtus pro will miss the BTS Dota Summit Minor, the first DPC 2019-2020 season event due to juggling events and of visa issues.

Since the famed Russian organization Virtus pro dismantled most of it’s roster following TI9, the team seems to be unable to catch a break or get started on the right foot.

The organization registered their captain as their fifth player, barely making the registration deadline on September 28th. That already put them on the back foot, having to take a point deduction at any DPC event they would then qualify for.

Then, the team failed to qualify for MDL Chengu Major after coming in third in their group and being relegated to the Dota Summit Minor qualifiers.

It was there that they were able to cruise through the brackets, undefeated, to claim the first spot allocated to the CIS region for the first Minor of the season.

Now, they won’t even be able to attend that, thanks to visa issues and multiple events.

According to the official statement from VP, the team would have had their visa reviews during the time of ESL One Hamburg and have decided that they would instead attend the event in Germany, forgoing their spot in the Minor.

Minor qualifiers have revealed our roster’s potential. However, we need time to fully reach it, and additional pressure can only get in the way. Furthermore, problems with Visas were an additional factor, as missing the tournament due to ambiguous timings of our application reviews was a real possibility. We have put a lot of effort into things we could change, but there are factors beyond our control. Having to miss the Summit is particularly unfortunate as we are three-time champions of this tournament. On the other hand, we believe that ESL Hamburg - considering the positive memories we have of this event - will be a great chance for the young players to experience a fully-fledged LAN series. We will decide the roster’s future based on its results

Currently, BTS is looking into the team that was taken down by VP in the finals to see if it is feasible for them to get visas in time. The event will take place between November 7-10th in Los Angeles, California.

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