Two players joined Vega Squadron roster on the Dota 2 registration site.

June 5, 2019

Alexey “J4” Lipay and Oleg “Lastero-” Demidovich joined the Doga 2 Vega Squadron roster on the official team registration page in the DPC season. Previously, they played as stand-ins for Vega and won the Qi Invitational Europe.

Lipay and Demidovich took the place of Yaroslav “Gurin” Gurin and Danis “spacyQ” Ibrahimov. The latter represented Vega since March 2019 on the Cyber ​​League Adrenaline 2019, but failed to qualify for the main event.

In late February, Vega Squadron dismissed the Dota 2 European roster. A month later, the organization began collaborating with Marlerino ESports - the team began to perform under the Vega tag.

Vega squadron current roster:

Danil gpK ~ Skutin
Arslan xannii Shajanov
Vitali is so bad Oshmankevich
Aleksey j4 Lipay
Oleg Lastero Demidovich

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