DAY 1 of The International 2019: Stable plays and unexpected victories

August 15, 2019

Top match of the first group stage day of The International 2019

Among many great matches of the first day of The International 2019 we should highlighted the battle between Secret and Liquid. The meeting of the two favorites, according to many analysts and bookmakers, identified the strongest in the bo2 series.

Team Secret roster

In the first game “Liquid” made many mistakes, which led to a quick loss of control on the map and defeat in 26 minutes. It is important to note that in this game Clement Ivanov demonstrated an excellent game on Chen, and once again confirmed that he is one of the best players on this hero.

Team Secret roster

The second map started with unusual picks Liquid. Kuroky decided to play Puck. This unusual hero with which “Liquid” wanted to confuse the opponent, rather confused themselves. In turn, Secret played the lining stage perfectly and without any problems advanced to the mid game, where Nisha easily dominated his rivals on Slark. In the end, it took Puppey just 29 minutes for the opponents to write GG. Our neural network, by the way, considered that in this confrontation the teams would not be able to identify the strongest, but it turned out to be wrong.

Performance of Na’Vi and Virtus Pro on the first day of the group stage of The International 2019

Also, the first day can be called successful for both of the CIS teams. Around the same time, the first games started for teams from our region. Na’Vi met with OG and VP fought with NiP.

In those series it was not possible to identify the strongest team. NaVi interacted well on the map and, despite the fact that the first game was given with difficulty and led to defeat, the guys managed to get together and demonstrate an excellent game, thus equalizing the score - 1: 1. Our neural network also predicted a draw in this confrontation.

Na’Vi roster in 2019

In parallel series VP played NIP. Here, both cards went chaotically and ambiguously, but with a positive ending for the team from the CIS. Solo and the team spent 2 games of 40 minutes each and prepared for the next rivals from China in a good mood.

The VP opponents in the second confrontation was RNG, who were selected through closed qualifiers from the Chinese region at The International 2019. The team partially consists of players from the LFY team, who 2 years ago knocked VP into the lower bracket.

Roster of Virtus Pro in 2019

Both teams made a lot of mistakes in both games. The Bears were less disorganized on the first map, while NIP seemed lost on the map 2. So we got a draw in this interesting confrontation - 1: 1. MoreMMR AI believed in both oppositions in VP. Unfortunately, the forecast of our AI did not come true in the second match. As always, the human factor …; D

Next on schedule NaVi was playing. The guys had a hard testfacing EG, which last year took 3rd place and during the season showed a consistently good game. On the first map, Na’Vi managed to competently play the Alchemist, who subsequently won several decisive fights and the game as a whole.

The start of the second game was not as great as the first for the CIS team. Unfortunately, NaVi were making too much mistakes, which led to the loss of all sides and the throne - 1: 1. Artificial intelligence believed that there would be no end to this confrontation - that’s how it turned out.

The shocking performance of EG and Liquid on the first day of the group stage of The International 2019

The International series of tournaments has its own magic, which Fnatic and Newbee (former Forward) demonstrated to us today.

Oddly enough, Fnatic managed to beat one of the favorites of this tournament and the bronze medalists of the past The International - EG. Some inexplicable things happened on both cards. “Evil Geniuses” were not like themselves. Having made an insane amount of mistakes, the team simply did not manage to oppose Fnatic - 0: 2. Our neural network, like many analysts and experts, believed in the unconditional victory of the North American team, but alas.

Forward Gaming 2019 roster (performing under the Newbee tag at The International 2019)

The second sensation of the day happened in the match Liquid - Newbee. No one can even think that a team that has lost organization and was signed at the last moment will be able to win the bo2 series against the favorites of this tournament, Team Liquid. Something definitely happened to them today, because how else to explain these two defeats. One of the strongest teams in the world that played in the final of the last major of the season made unacceptable mistakes, for which he paid - 0: 2. In this confrontation, the AI was also considered the obvious favorites of the “Liquid”, but it seems they themselves did not think so …

w33 and MATUMBAMAN confrontation at The International 2019
Scandals and confusion in one form or another are always considered a part of The International, and it seems like the last year story of N0tail and fly is going to repeat with Matumba and w33. Before that, The International team Chaos and Liquid “exchanged” players.

w33 and Miracle-

At the same time, MATUMBAMAN still brought his new organization to the main tournament of the year. Many were interested in how the first game between these teams will take place. MATUMBAMAN himself before the tournament, in an interview, said that he would play at 120% to prove to his former teammates that he still plays very well.


The confrontation was interesting, but not to say that it was surprising. As expected, Team Liquid simply beat Chaos in the classroom. Well, one player cannot beat an enemy team alone. Dota is primarily a team game. MATUMBAMAN, of course, played very well against his former teammates, only the rest of the team could not help him win at least one victory in this confrontation - 0: 2. Our neural network, like many analysts and experts, also preferred “Liquid”.

So the first day of The International 2019 passed. How do you remember this day? Share your impressions in the comments.

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