The International 2019 broke the record of the first 24 hours!

May 10, 2019

Vikram Reddy posted the picture on how The International’s prize pool changed in 24 hours after the Battle Pass release over the last 5 years. The International 2019 already got $ 1.7 million - more than the last years event in the same amount of time.

24 hours after the Battle Pass release, the TI9 prize fund exceeded $ 7.4 million. Last year, after the same amount of time, the TI8 prize pool was $ 5.6 million.


Battle Pass for The International 2019 was released on the night of May 8th. 25% of the money from its sales goes directly to the prize fund of the tournament. The starting amount is $ 1.6 million, as all the past years.

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