Crystallize: "We wanted to start at the winners bracket, so we showed all the best strats in the group stage"

August 19, 2019

Carry of Natus Vincere’s Dota 2 team Vladislav “Crystallize” Kristanek commented his team performance on the group stage of The International 2019. In an interview, he said that the team showed all the best prepared strategies in the group stage, as they tried to achieve the best result.

Vladislav “Crystallize” Kristanek:
“After a good start, we had a little reassessment of our performance and strategies. We played using our best strategies - therefore, everything turned out well and easily. But when the third day came, those teams began to ban our signature heroes. We stayed on the same wave with some re-evaluation of ourselves and, one might say, with underestimation of opponents, and it became much harder to play. Each point in the group was important, I wanted to go to the winner, so we showed all the strategies to the maximum. ”

The International 2019 takes place from August 15 to 25 in Shanghai. The prize pool of the championship exceeds $33 million and continues to grow due to sales of the Battle Pass and its levels.

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