Who will win The International 2019? Team Liquid review, by MoreMMR!

August 6, 2019

We continue to analyze the favorites for The International 2019, and this time we will look at Team Liquid.

Very soon, the MoreMMR AI neural network will predict the possible winner of The International 2019. Our bot analyzed the latest games of all teams and compared the results with each other. In the meantime, let’s move on to the team that claims to become the firts two-time world champion - Team Liquid.

Organization History

Victor “Nazgul” Gusens

Team Liquid is one of the oldest eSports organizations that existed since 2000. Its founder - 35-year old Victor “Nazgul” Gusens, who still manages the company. At the time of the creation of Team Liquid tag he was only 17 years old.

In 2010, Team Liquid became a legit eSports organization, however it had roster for only one discipline - Starcraft.

However, the prize pools at SC2 tournaments were still not very impressive, and the founder himself understood that over time the interest in the game could decline. So he decided to diversify the business.

First Dota 2 Liquid squad
That is how, in 2012, the Dota 2 team appeared in the Team Liquid organization, and it was then that it began to turn into the very international multidisciplinary e-sports organization that we know now.

As a result, the first five players led by Bulba took 7-8th place at The International 2013, which was a very good result at that time. But despite the teamwork, the team could not repeat their result on TI4, which entailed a complete disband and lack of staff for the organization in MOVA for a period of one year.

5 Jungz signed by Liquid

2015 was the most productive year in Team Liquid’s history. The arrival of many sponsors, but much more importantly, the fact that the “liquid” sign several roster at once: on LoL, CS: GO and, of course, return to Dota 2, signing a newly formed European stack, 5 Jungs.

The most important milestone in the organization’s history is rightfully considered the victory of the team in the final of The International 2017 without losing a single series.

But by winning the World Cup, KuroKy and the company decided not to stop, and tournament after tournament, the team showed remarkable results.

Dota Pro Circuit Season 2018/2019
At the end of the 2018/2019 DPC season, Team Liquid took fifth place. It’s hard to say if this is a success for the team, which two years ago was the strongest in the world, but is still a good result.

Throughout the season, “Liquid” could not find their game, and the team was constantly pursued by failure. From tournament to tournament, the team was forced to play with replacements for various reasons. Many critics have said that Team Liquid may end this rating season outside the top 12. And the team’s results confirmed this theory.

Tournaments in which Liquid participated during the 2018/2019 DPC season


Fortunately, the fans of the “Liquid” team found their game by the end of the season, shown great performance on Majors and filled the rating gap from the strongest teams this season. It is also worth considering that on the eve of the main tournament of the year Team Liquid had a replacement. Instead of Lasse MATUMBAMAN Urpalainen, the team was joined by Alivi w33 Omar, who demonstrated an excellent game at the last Major of the season 2018/2019.

In general, the team gained momentum only at the end of the season, maybe for the better. In any case, soon we will see the strength of this team.

Last 3 games with each of the favorites


Why are Team Liquid TI9 favorites?
Throughout the season, the team used different strategies and tactics. Basically, “Liquid” focus on strong lines with early aggression.

Liquid on EPICENTER Major

Liquid opponents need to pay attention to the plays of GH and KuroKy. These guys create aggression on all lines, thus pulling opponents from all over the map, which gives Miracle enough time and space to gain items, and therefore big advantage. For more information about the builds of pro-players, see the section on builds of our website.

The main combat unit on the map is Miracle-. It’s impossible to say for sure that by closing this player the opponents of Liquid guarantee a victory, but it is safe to say that the game takes on a different character.

w33 and Miracle-, after another victory

In general, it is very interesting to see how Team Liquid will prepare for the upcoming The International 2019, in what tone the team will come and what strategies the guys have already worked out with the new midlaner.

It is also very interesting fact that MATUMBAMAN, who was kicked from the team, also went to the tournament as part of Chaos, a former w33 team. I wonder if there will be drama in a tournament like last year between Fly and n0tail. For all these, as well as many other questions, we will get answers very soon!

Keep following the MoreMMR blog, as we will keep discussing the favorites of the upcoming The International 2019.

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