Team Amazed banned for cheating. Full video review from MoreMMR!

July 6, 2019

Three Amazed members were banned from FACEIT. This was announced by the team manager. Previously, the team was accused of cheating and was disqualified from the first open qualifiers at The International 2019 for the CIS.

The banned players are Artem broxyyy Mitrakov, Yuri Asmodium Krasnov and Dmitry FireFly Boetsky. Whether additional sanctions will follow from Valve is unknown. After the incident in qualifying, FACEIT representatives promised to send the results of the investigation to the Dota 2 developers.

We at MoreMMR decided to make an investigation on it, and it made a result the team got banned. Check out the video with full review of Team Amazed cheating:

Amazed manager comment:
“Negotiations went almost all night. Then FACEIT began to ignore the message. After lunch, I got an answer. Artyom broxy Mitakov, Yuri Asmodium Krasnov and Dmitry FireFly Boetsky received a ban on the FACEIT platform. We were never informed about the reason for blocking. We are now waiting for a response from Valve and are preparing to file an appeal. ”

The Amazed team was disqualified after defeating MIG in 1/16 of the qualifiers. According to Khaled sQreen Al-Habbash, the administrators delayed the next meeting to conduct an investigation. Later they came to the conclusion that at least one Amazed player used forbidden programs.

The first open qualifiers at The International 2019 for the CIS were held July 3-4 online. The winner was FlyToMoon. Two more slots in the closed stage will be played on July 5-6.

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