OG.N0tail: "This season is hard to be a team from Europe"

June 9, 2019

Johan n0tail Sundstein said that in the current season, Dota 2 teams from Europe have a hard time. In an interview with Mr Big Jams, OG captain noted that over the year, teams got tired of playing endless qualifiers.

Johan n0tail sundstein

*This season is hard to be a team from Europe. Now the teams do not receive rewards for hard work, as before. Each tournament is a test, without stopping. If you get sick on the qualifiers day, you will not get to the Major and you will have to play on the Minor.

The schedule of the season was very tense. In our team there are players from different countries. We had to gather at the bootcamp for the time of qualifiers for the Minor, therefore we had to perform our best there and try to win it. This leaves no time for rest. The point is in the qualifying schedule. Too long periods.*

N0tail said that the professional scene lacked a committee that would take decisions on a competitive system and openly talk about them to teams and fans. According to him, in the DPC 2018/2019 season in some regions it was much easier to qualify for tournaments, while in Europe the competition was too high.

He also noted that Valve should distribute part of The International’s prize fund for the whole year so that championship organizers could collect full halls at the expense of reduced ticket prices and still make a profit from events.

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