MoreMMR AI Predicted the winner of The International 2019

August 7, 2019

It’s already August, which means that the long-awaited The International 2019 will take place very soon. This year the biggest esports event will come to Shanghai.
Before the tournament, all the players, talents and regular Dota fans are making their predictions on who will win at The International. Here at MroeMMR, we prefer to use our own AI to predict the matches, so we decided to let the MoreMMR AI neural network to calculate the favorites of TI9.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?


We have uploaded about 2,000 matches from official tournaments. The model was trained to predict the probability of victory based on certain indicators of the match. Both team interactions and individual indicators of each player were taken into account.
The meta of the game is constantly changing, so in this model, it was impossible to use too much data as it is already outdated.

MoreMMR AI Prediction for The International 2019


Unfortunately, (or fortunately), artificial intelligence cannot yet determine the winners with 100% accuracy, but it can determine the likelihood of a victory for a team. We present to your attention 3 teams that, according to MoreMMR AI, are likely to become champions this year.

The team of Clement “Puppey” Ivanov has a 17% chance to win a prestigious title. By the way, for the team captain himself, this could be the second trophy at The International, after 2011. This is not the first time Team Secret has been among the favorites of The International. However, since the first years of its history, Secret has not managed to get into the top three at TI. You can read more about the history of Team Secret in a special article.

VICI Gaming chances at TI9

The Chinese team follows the Secret. The chance is much less than the main favorites of TI9, but greater in comparison with other teams. Many will not agree that VG will be able to compete for Aegis, but if you look at the latest performances of this team, you can say with confidence that the guys are obliged to get into the top 3.
Also, do not forget about the support of the crowd, because after all, VG will play at home, and this gives additional confidence and strength for the team. Like it or not, the neural network does not take into account many factors but even based on dry indicators, VG has a 9% chance of winning the International 2019.


Team Liquid

Team Liquid closes the top three leaders list. The European team did not have a very good season, but at the end of the year, the guys got together and showed good results. Most likely that is why the machine gives such a high probability of victory for “Liquid”. Be sure to check out our material, where we examine the chances of Team Liquid to win at The International 2019 in detail.


How accurate are MoreMMR AI predictions for The International 2019?

We, as always, count on the best; D The neural network analyzes numbers (indicators), therefore obviously many real-life factors are not taken into account, which often becomes key in even matches.
The model essentially highlighted the favorites in the same way as many analysts and experts do. Therefore, only time will show how true these probabilities and forecasts are.


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