Scandal in CIS community: Kodos, Team Empire midlaner accused of cheating in the Major Qualifiers finals

April 3, 2019

Scandal in CIS community: Kodos, Team Empire midlaner accused of cheating in the Major Qualifiers finals

What happened?

It started with the CIS caster and analyst PGG claiming that he noticed the signs of cheating in the Team Empire - Na’Vi match. He claimed that Kodos, the midlaner of Team Empire, used cheating software to block the creeps because of too much APM and the “suspitious black line” next to the cursor. Team Empire manager Korben and CIS caster 4ce argued PGGs claim.

V1lat asked pro players and analysts to check out the moment of blocking creeps in more details, and he described the overall reaction as “Almost ideal blocking, which currently can be seen only from Open AI bots”

Further suspitions:
After the hype was brought up, CIS community noticed other moments, which at least require a closer look.

  1. Euls on Axe on T2 tower

  2. Item Drop in the side shop

I don’t want to accuse anyone too early and I think it definetely requires an investigation , I’ll just leave those clips for you to decide whether cheating took place their or not.

Media Reaction
Ilya “Illidan” Pivcaev about the creep block - “it is a regular bind you can set up in 2 seconds, it is not APM or something forbidden.”

Nikita “4ce” Kotkov claimed that Kodos clicked Euls on Axe before he jumped, so when the distance got broken by Axe’s blink, the Eul got activated

Artem “fng” Barshak (Gambit Captain) - said that “they may face some problems” but did not say anything particular

Yaroslav "NS’ Kuznetcov (CIS analyst) - “this black line next to tha cursor is a replay bug. I don’t have it, and cheating software does notaffect the replay. Secondly, the guy spent a ton of time training the creep block, and that is not ht eonly thing he is good at in game”

Dmitriy “Korben” Belov (Empire manager) - “Our whole office is laughing. Thanks for hyping on this topic and raising our midlaners self-esteem”

Georgy DrAmer Faleev (Vega Sports Director) called PGG the “king of 322” and said that “Instead of accusing young talents of cheating, PGG should speak out about his oun past performance as a player”. Without firther proof, DrAmer said that he heard from more that 10 people of how corrupted the StarSeries was at some point and how PGG was directly involved in it. “The worst”, he sais" is that the big names in CIS Dota are aware of that past of CIS community, and would follow the hate towards Kodos, instead of looking at their own mistakes in the past"

What do you guys think? It is clear that there is no chating for you, or you think it definetely requires more attention from MDL and Valve?

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