Midas Mode 2 participants will be able to control creeps in game

August 31, 2019

Jake SirActionSlacks Kanner announced that Midas Mode 2 participants will be able to take control over the creeps in-game. For this, teams will have to pay a special currency.

Midas Mode 2 matches will be held online, but SirActionSlacks organized an event at the esports club, which will bring the spectators together. Owners of VIP tickets will be able to take the control over the creeps.

Midas Mode 2 is an entertaining tournament from SirActionSlacks, where players and spectators can change the appearance of all models - from heroes to towers. One of the first major purchases was Axe - the new “owner” of the character requested to make a skin of Ricardo Milos for him.

The tournament will be held from September 24 - October 2. SirActionSlacks did not announce the prize pool, however, in 2017, the participants of the championship donated $60, 000 to charity. The main feature of the series is a special currency, which the teams use for picks and bans, as well as for controlling other aspects of the game.

Midas Mode is fun, so as our upcoming tournement, MoreMMR League, which any MoreMMR user can participate in and compete for a prize pool of $500 and an invitation to the $17,000 in December! Its easy to register, just get enough XP or buy a ticket for $10, invite 4 friends and challenge your skill in a real battle against other teams!

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