Keen Gaming announced their new roster for 2019/2020 season

September 14, 2019

Keen Gaming has started to register players on the official Dota 2 website. Liu Freeze Chang, Mushi Chai Lee Fung and Song dark Runxi have already entered the team’s application for the Dota Pro Circuit 2019/2020 season. The club has not yet announced two more players.

Kamma, also known as Freeze, played for EHOME, DeathBringer Gaming, Team Sirius and Team Aster in the last season. Most often, he played as 1 position, but sometimes he shifted to the mid lane.

The organization announced the Mushi reshuffle on September 4. Then it was not clear whether dark - the current captain and support Keen Gaming will remain the fifth position. Judging by the profile of the team on the Dota 2 website, they will both play for the club in the upcoming season. What role Mushi will take is yet unknown.

Wang old chicken Zhiyong, Zhai Ying Jinkai, Ren ELeVeN Yanwei and Hu Kaka Liangzhi also played for Keen Gaming at The International 2019 in Shanghai. Two players (old chicken and ELeVeN) were leased from EHOME, whether they will continue to play in the 2019/2020 season for Keen Gaming is unknown.

**Keen gaming current roster: **
  Liu Freeze-chan
  Soong dark junxi
  Mushi Chai Lee Fung
  Wang old chicken Zhiyong (?)
  Zhai Ying Jinkai (?)
  Ren ELeVeN Yanwei (?)
  Hu Kaka Liangzhi (?)

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