gpK left Vega Squadron

July 28, 2019

Daniil Midleinner gpK ~ Skutin left the Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster. The player himself made such a decision and will play for another team; Gpk- has not yet named his new team.

According to Aleksey Kondakov, CEO of Vega Squadron, the player “wants to play with more experienced players". The organization “was not able to keep him in the roster.”

With Vega gpK won Qi Invitational Europe and went to the closed qualifiers at The International 2019 for the CIS through the open stage. The team took third place in qualification and did not get to The International.

The current lineup of Vega Squadron was formed in early July, when Dmitry “Fishman” Polishchuk joined the team from Nemiga Gaming for the time of the qualifiers for TI. Roster was gathered on the basis of Marlerino ESports, with which the club began cooperation in March 2019.

Vega squadron current roster:

Arslan xannii Shajanov
  Oleg Lasthero- Demidovich
  Vitaly so bad Oshmankevich

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