EternaLEnVy received a 6 month ban in Dota

October 12, 2019

Fighting PandaS carry Jackie “EternaLEnVy” Mao received a ban in the Dota 2 matchmaking for six months. This happened during his stream, which the Canadian player was broadcasting on Twitch. The reason for the ban was a large number of reports on the player’s account.

On September 1, EternaLEnVy said that the behaviour score of one of his smurf account has a rating of 1 - this is the minimum value in the Dota 2 matchmaking. Later, the player explained that he had such a rating only in September, so he did not receive a ban.

Earlier, Mao also criticized the latest matchmaking updates that Valve introduced into the game on October 10. EternaLEnVy believes that developers have devoted little time to the problems of highly rated matchmaking

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