Chaos Esport Club sign Quincy Crew

November 5, 2019

The American Dota 2 team Quincy Crew was signed by Chaos Esports organization. The organization signed four main players and team manager - offline Jonas SabeRLighT-Volek and coach Ilya Illidan Pivtsaev remained in the team on the trial period.

Until October 10, the Quincy Crew included Said Samail SumaiL Hassan, with whom the team had successfully qualified for DOTA Summit 11. Immediately after winning the qualification, Sumail left the team. Later he temporarily played the role of a coach, and also replaced Quinn CCnC Callahan in the match against Gambit Esports at ESL One Hamburg 2019. His place in the team was taken by the SabeRLighT-stand, which had previously played for Hippomaniacs.

On October 25th the team manager Jack KBBQ Chen announced that Illidan is the new team coach. Prior to that, Pivtsaev had already served as a mentor - during The International 2018 he helped VGJ.Storm.

DOTA Summit 11 will be the first tournament for the team under the Chaos tag. The championship will be held from November 7 to 10 in Los Angeles, USA. Eight teams will compete for $300,000 and 660 DPC points. The winner will also receive a qualification for MDL Chengdu Major.

The current line-up of Chaos:
Yawar YawaR Hassan
Quinn CCnC Callahan
Jonas SabeRLighT- Volek
Arif MSS Anwar
Avery SVG Silverman
Ilya Illidan Pivtsayev (coach, Spanish term)

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