Average Dota online increased by 5%

January 3, 2020

The average Dota 2 online in 2019 was 477,646 people. This is 5% more than in 2018 when this number was 454,795 players. The statistics are taken from Steam Charts.

If you compare the average online before New Year’s Eve, it fell from 439 thousand users to 384 thousand. The growth of the average online in 2019 helped the period from April to June when the game per day came in more than 500 thousand players daily.

December 9, Dota 2 online fell to the level of 2013. Two weeks earlier Valve released an update The Outlanders, which added neutral items to the game, as long as outposts and two new characters Void Spirit and Snapfire. In less than a month, the peak online in Dota 2 fell by almost 200 thousand people - from 704 thousand on November 25 to 516 thousand on December 9.


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