Alliance manager complained about the esports tax system

July 31, 2019

Kelly kellymilkies Ong Xiao Wei claimed that states need to change the tax system for esportsmen. On Twitter, she noted that the players of the Alliance roster for Dota 2 give the state at least half of the prize money.

Kelly kellymilkies Ong Xiao Wei:
“In Sweden, there is also a problem with taxes, although esportsmen, like other athletes, represent their country at the championships and return with trophies. We gave at least half of the prize money fromThe International for taxes, and the current roster will have to do the same. It needs to be changed. I don’t even know at this point know who to contact, who to shout at.

Athletes receive money from the state for medals. E​​sportsmen themselves pay the authorities for their trophies. Where is the logic?".

In most countries, prizes for championships are equivalent to winning in a lottery or casino - an additional tax is placed on such income. For this reason, the winner of the Fortnite World Cup, which received $ 3 million, will give almost half the amount to the US federal authorities and the state of New York.

On July 30, it became known that MIBR captain Gabriel FalleN Toledo discussed with the President of Brazil a possible tax cut for the esportsman. In this country, players give 30% of the prize to the state. Whether participants of conversation came to the agreement is unknown.

Over the entire lifetime of Alliance, the Dota 2 roster earned about $ 3.7 million - this amount includes prizes for winning at The International 2013. The team will also perform at The International 2019. This year the championship prize fund exceeds $ 31 million and continues to grow due to Battle Pass sales and levels to it.

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