Visage Infographics: Lore, stats, counter picks and much more! BONUS: FREE GUIDE FROM LIL

February 22, 2019


If Visage gains an advantage over his enemies at the start of the match, he can be one of the most dangerous cores in the entire game. He can easily deal with any enemy hero that stands in his way, and he’s also capable of taking down towers. Besides, his tankiness enables him to survive any attack.

The best Viage guide on MoreMMR was made by one of the best Visage players in the history, Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk. It is based on the final game of the China Dota Supermajor between Team Liquid and Virtus Pro. ‘The liquid ones’ resorted to their favourtie push strategy, that no one has been able to counter at this tournament so far. The strats of the kind are circled around Visage, who hasn’t lost a single match throughout the tournament. Lil, a true master of this somewhat complex character, who made his way to the pro scene mostly thanks to his prowess as Visage, is going to tell us how to play this hero. We introduce to you Lil’s guide to Visage.

Check out the post we have about Lil on Visage! There is lots of stats and info about his playtyle!

It is very useful to learn from the replays of professional and high MMR players, and looking at Visage winrate on all ranks, it is very questionable why players do not pick this hero. So if you want to learn how to dominate your games on Visage make sure you check out our Best Matches Page!

Last updated - March 10th, 2019. To see the most recent stats on Visage and other heroes, check out our Heroes Page!

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