How to play Tinker Dota 2 Guide: Infographics (Meta, Lore, interesting stats, fun facts, and laning) Patch 7.22f

August 3, 2019

Tinker is among the most annoying and hated heroes in all Dota community, and there is a reason for it. Tinker is super annoying, and yet the hero is still possible to counter, and it’s not so hard to win against him if you know what heroes to pick. Check out our infographics for counters, statistics, and interesting lore facts!


Tinker is not only an excellent tower defender, but he can also be used aggressively quite effectively, especially when he has good synergy with teammates, like Bounty Hunter or Bloodseeker. Constant vision on the weaker enemies provides this hero with a carte blanche, which he will have to know how to use. In this Tinker guide, the hero was played by Nix from team Espada, in their match against team Ferzee, which was a part of the closed qualifiers for the Kuala Lumpur Major.

In 7.22f Tinker was slightly buffed, so make sure you check out our Tinker page for more information and guides! Also, don’t forget to visit our best games section of Tinker page at MoreMMR to see how PROs and high ranked players play this hero is all details!
How do you usually counter Tinker is your games?

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