Pudge Infographics: Lore, fun facts and useful stats!

February 22, 2019


Pudge is an extremely multi-faceted and strong hero. Indeed, if the Butcher is played right, he can actually carry his team to victory. The character is pretty difficult to play though. This is his gift and his curse. You can either ruin a match completely or easily achieve victory. Everything’s in your hands. Pudge is one of the most popular characters in Dota, but unfortunately not all professional teams pick him. The fatty has been nerfed quite a bit recently, and, naturally, he hasn’t been frequenting pro matches. But in this guide Cr1it is going to demonstrate to us what Pudge is capable of. In this match Evil Geniuses will face Fnatic at The Internaitonal 2018. The match is going to be nothing short of spectacular.

Also, if you are interested in how professionals and high ranked players play Pudge, check out our Best Matches page to see how to play Pudge in details from the player perspective!

Last updated - March 10th, 2019. To see the most recent stats on Pudge and other heroes, check our Heroes Page

How many Pudge games do you have? What is your win rate?

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