Pangolier won the Bot TI 2019, by Beyond The Summit

August 5, 2019

Pangolier won the Bot TI 2019 show tournament by Beyond The Summit. In the final he defeated Earthshaker with a score of 2: 1 and received the title of the strongest bot in Dota 2. Invoker turned out to be the weakest - even Chen defeated him.

On the way to the finals, Pangolier defeated Visage (2: 0), Underlord (2: 1), Tidehunter (2: 0), Crystal Maiden (2: 0), Dazzle (2: 1) and Spectre (2: 0). In the winners’ finals, he lost to Earthshaker (1: 2), but then reached the grand finals after defeating Ember Spirit (2: 1). In the decisive match, Pangolier took revenge from Earthshaker.

In the the Toilet Bowl All-Star event the organizers determined the weakest bot in Dota 2. In the semifinal of the challenge Invoker lost to Windranger (1: 2), and in the final with the same score lost Chen (1: 2).

According to the rules of Bot TI 2019, all the heroes were divided and sown in four grids in accordance with the Dotabuff winrate. They played the best-of-3 series in five-vs-five format with each other. In each round there were restrictions on the level and inventory. For example, in the first match, all the heroes had a fifth level and three Ironwood Branch items. In the second game they had 15th level and inventory worth 10 thousand gold, and in the third - the 25th level and 20 thousand gold inventory. Skills, talents and artifacts were chosen by analysts based on the logic of the upcoming battle. Only the Black King Bar and Blade Mail were banned.

Last year, Beyond The Summit also hosted the Bot TI Show Tournament. Then the winner was Elder Titan, who defeated Abaddon in the final. The title of the weakest bot last year received Chen.

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