How to play Leshrac, Dota 2 Guide: Infographics (Meta, Lore, interesting stats, fun facts, and counter picks) Patch 7.22h

October 28, 2019

Leshrac is a classic example of a “glass cannon” hero, meaning that he is capable of dealing tons of damage in just a few seconds, however, the hero is very easy to kill and requires the truly great skill of positioning in order to be useful. There are many heroes to counter this guy, so it is important to understand when to pick Leshrac, how to play it and when the hero reaches the maximum impact stage. From the following infographics, you would learn these, and many other useful stats and tips for Leshrac, as long as learn a few gameplay and lore facts about him!


Leshrac is one of the most powerful mages who can burn to ashes all the living in the area, and the hero did not deserve to be nerfed, which he was a few patches ago, but that didn’t kill him in any way. He is still as dangerous as before, and is able to make as much impact on the outcome of the match, even when the match didn’t go as good for him from the start. And to demonstrate how true those words are, we will take a look at the best Leshrac player in the world. It’s Maybe, from team PSG.LGD, playing against team Liquid during the playoffs for The International 2018

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