Kunkka Infographics: Lore, fun facts, most notable players, best/worst pick and much more!

February 22, 2019


Kunkka is probably one of the most flexible heroes in Dota. Admiral is only not so good as a pos 5 support, but on all other roles he is the beast in the right hands. As we can see on the graph, Kunkka can be picked on any lane and there is no big difference in winrate, but in most on our matches we are used to midlane Kunkka who is impossible to kill once he gets his Bracers and Armlet.

Kunkka is a relatively popular midlaner, especially among the Asian players, mostly because of how quickly he can join the fights, the amount of crowd control he can dish out, and also his durability. The hero himself might be quite versatile, but most of the players all use the same item build. ASD, midlaner for a legendary Chinese team EHOME has different views on Kunkka, and they can’t be swayed by the modern fashion. In the final match of the series, he’s decided to highlight the core strengths of the hero, as in, his teamfighting potential and durability, turning him into an impenetrable fortress of a tank by getting Drums instead of Armlet (There was AA in the opposite team) and by getting Pipe later on.

However, there is more classic approach to midlane Kunkka, which is literally immortal if your team supports you in your early domination around the map.

Here you can find many replays from high ranked players, to see in details how to get the most potential out of this hero.

Last updated - March 9th, 2019. To see the most recent stats on Kunkka and other heroes, check out our Heroes Page

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