How to play Faceless Void, Dota 2 Guide: Infographics (Meta, Lore, interesting stats, fun facts, and counter picks) Patch 7.22h

October 10, 2019

Void has always been one of the most popular carry heroes in Dota 2, and there are many reasons for that. With good farm the hero reaches good attack speed, being able to deal insane amounts of physical damage, and a well placed Cryosphere will most likely win you a fight! However, Void is not the easiest hero to play, so check out our new infographics, and learn not only how to play and counter Void, but also get to know the story of the hero and a few interesting gameplay and lore facts about this charming faceless guy!


Faceless Void is a great carry that always remains popular in each meta. All his abilities, particularly the Chronosphere, are very powerful and flexible. But if you want to play him as a pro, you should have a working build at least. There are two ways to build Faceless Void. One is passive, based on Battle Fury, the other is aggressive, based on Mask of Madness. In this Faceless Void video guide, we are going to analyze the latter case. Gorgc, a professional player ranked 49th at the time of this analysis, is playing Faceless Void. The game’s average MMR is 6600.

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