Faceless Void advanced to the quarter-finals of the Arcana vote!

July 24, 2019

Faceless Void defeated Morphling in 1/8 vote for Arcana and advanced to the next round. There he will meet with Drow Ranger, and in the second pair they will fight Ogre Magi and Necrophos.

Most of the votes users gave went to Faceless Void - almost 9 million votes. Ogre Magi defeated Alchemist with the largest percentage gap. The closest confrontation in the meeting of Tinker and Necrophos was 45.2% against 54.8%.

In another part of the grid, Invoker and Slark, Windranger and Ember Spirit, Sniper and Riki, Mars and Specter will compete. Owners of the Battle Pass will be able to vote until July 30.

Valve has been arranging a character battle for Arcana in the Battle Pass before each International since 2014. Phantom Assassin, Zeus, Juggernaut, Pudge and Rubick won in previous seasons - they do not participate in the current voting.



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