Enigma Infographics: Statistics, counterpicks, lfun facts and much more!

February 22, 2019


Enigma’s spells are just made to win his lane, especially when it’s a 1 on 1 situation. However, the match doesn’t end with the laning phase, and your teammates might as well not have been doing so great. And having the Vengeful Spirit and Necrophos in the enemy draft might make it difficult to cast your ultimate properly, even when you already have the BKB. With all that happening, keeping the enemies in fear and using the Black Holes to their most efficiency is the task only the best of us can handle. And who else but Ceb from team OG can he called that way? In this guide you can check out how the TI8 champion handles such matchup!

However, Enigma counters are not only limited to heroes with stun through the spell immunity. Such heroes as Sniper and Spectre are also a big trouble to Enigma. Check out our best Enigma games page to see how pro and high MMR players play agains different counters! For example, in this match an annymous high ranked player has Sniper in the opposite team and manages to finish the game with impressing 17/6/35 KDA!

Last updated - March 10th, 2019. To see the most recent stats on Enigma and other heroes, check out our heroes page

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