Broodmother Infographics: Statistics, facts, lore and counter picks!

February 22, 2019


The infographics gives us a good understanding of Boodmother in current meta, and it is tough. In 7.21 games are full of fat strong cores, and matches now are longer than in the 7.20 meta, where some PRO teams could pick Broodin the first stage and have no worries about a win.

In other words, with such midlaners as Viper being popular in pubs, Brood would usually be not the best choice on lower ranks, unless it is your signature hero and your skill on that spider is above the one you have. It will also be harder on lower ranks because Brood requires a very early fastpush, which is impossible to convince your temmates to go and push when you have the biggest winning potential, which we can see for Brood is 15-16 minute, while on higher ranks people tend to understand it better, and as we can see, the winrate of Immortal ranks for Brood is much higher.

The main concept about playing Brood is domination, and it is ver important to constantly put more and more pressure on enemies and make your snowball strategy end with their throne in 20 minutes. How to do so? Matumbanam wll show you how in this guide!

Want to follow up all the meta changes on Broodmother? Make sure you check out our replay section where you can find many replays of PRO and high ranked players! For example,

To master Broodmother and know all the tricks to dominate your games with this cancerous spider, check out all the Broodmother guides from MoreMMR!

Last updated - March 6, 2019.

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