Visage. Booster’s Go-To Pick (Three years of Visage)

May 8, 2019

Monstrous Lack of Popularity

Among other heroes Dota 2 inherited from its ancestor in Warcraft III, Visage is the least popular one, second only to Chen. Meanwhile, heroes that were added after the graphics revolution are already starting to catch up.

The Reasons

Both of the heroes we’ve named share one common difficulty, that being the micro-control of summoned units. Which is quite obvious, really. No one wants to make their life more difficult by adding more stuff to control. After all, we all have a lot to control in our real lives, right?

But, both heroes still made a name for themselves. Chen is highly valued by the pros and can sometimes be seen at the top of pick/ban graphs during large tournaments. Visage, on the other hand, chose another path.

True Solo

Unlike his partner in crime, Visage can actually work as an excellent carry. Visage is one of the best heroes you can have for snowballing.
He winds up very fast and can annihilate both heroes and their structures equally well, while also staying relevant in the late game. Historically, he has always been one of the most effective heroes for boosting your MMR.

Ten Years of Stagnation

On December 12, 2016, the initial number of the game version changed to something other than 6 for the first time in 10 years. Update 7.00 was rolled out, not only introducing us to Shrines and Talents, but also bringing us the author of the most annoying phrases, Monkey King. A whole bunch of balancing changes were made, and Visage was no exception.
Before this patch, his win rate was really on par with his popularity.

New Age of 7.00 and Beyond

The changes were quickly noticed by the players in high-skill brackets, and with it, Visage’s win rate began to soar.
From that point on, it always remained very high.

Stability is a Sign of Mastery

During the first half of 2017, Visage’s win rate was only high among high-tier players.
But, much like any other tendency that becomes a norm up there, it was soon to travel down the ladder.
Visage might not have become as popular as the best of the best, but his win rate went through the roof. In April of 2018, Visage has finally got to the top and has actually become the best hero for boosting, regardless of the rank.

Current Situation

It might sound weird, but Visage hasn’t received any major changes since that massive patch 7.00 that shoved him into the meta. He might not be at 60% win rate right now anymore, but he is still one of the best heroes to use for consistent MMR boosting, and his current win rate is still just as good as it was before. But, his popularity declined significantly during this year and has actually returned to the initial levels.

It’s Time to Act!

Visage’s strength doesn’t seem to be able to outweigh the complexity of his core gameplay. But while others are being slow and lazy, you should act now. We’ve prepared everything you need to know in order to learn how to play this obscure, but a very effective hero. You can find everything in the “Video” section of our website. It’s all in your hands now! Make sure to share your progress in the comments section.

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