The Lich. Life after Death (Hero Meta Analysis)

March 18, 2019

Whatever the meta is, one has to have good cores on his team and also heroes who could ensure that the team is doing just fine. Position 4 greedy characters won’t do the trick. These heroes have to be someone who don’t really need to farm. The Lich is one of them in the contemporary meta.

The dark times

The Lich has been synonymous with defensive play for a considerable period of time. It was all about his ability to move the lane towards himself and the fact that he had no disables. Even before the well-known duo lane meta took place, this hero had been hard laning, protecting his offlaner and spoiling the life of the enemy carry.
At some point a playstyle of the kind was really efficient, but it didn’t last very long. With a few changes implemented, the hero became weaker at laning. He didn’t fare well at the start of the game if he didn’t have any Strength items, and so the hero was forgotten. Only the laziest supports picked him. Those were the players who launched the game without a great desire to win.


That’s a joke, of course. The hero may not have been very popular, but he was pretty effective. Many PuB games are already won during the laning stage, especially if your opponents see fewer creeps on their lane.

The former Lich didn’t benefit the Dota community at all. It just couldn’t go on this way.

Ascending to the top

The patch 7.20 changed everything. It was a full scale one, just like its predecessor – the patch 7.07. The implemented changes affected many heroes. The heroes we were so used to came to be the same no longer. The Lich wasn’t an exception.


The Lich had his abilities reworked, and he received a new spell, which was a disable at that! Naturally, it affected the meta.

The Lich was truly appreciated in high level games. The Lich was still eager to win, but he had new tools at his disposal. It became easier to make kills happen with him on the lane. Ganking and fighting throughout the game turned out to be easier as well.

The aggressive potential of the Lich on the lane and the added means of control were noticed by the most skilled players out there right away.


Judging by the picks and bans combined, the Lich shared the first place with the IO at The Chongqing Major. The Lich’s presence in the matches was superior though.

The life after the nerfs

There was a price to pay for the popularity. The Lich got nerfed again and not just once.

These weren’t very significant changes, but they greatly affected the win rate and the popularity of the Lich. In pro games players stopped picking him so frequently. It was the same in PuBs.


The popularity is gone. The pick rate of the hero is the one it used to be before, and the win rate has dropped significantly compared to what it was some time ago.

What’s next for the hero?

This is why we’ve made a series of guides on the hero who used to be the most popular support of the back-in-the-day meta. In fact, the Lich was popular not so long ago.

But it seems that this time around the Lich is not going to be gone for good. As a matter of fact, his abilities have become very useful, and it’s certain that no one is going to drastically change them in the near future.

So, pick the Lich more often, otherwise:

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