Drow Ranger Infographics: lore, stats, fun facts and trends!

April 30, 2019


The Drow Ranger is a strong carry who’s got powerful abilities that remain efficient throughout the game. The hero is pretty good during the late game, and given an auspicious start of the match, she can easily snowball over her opponents. Traxex is capable of destroying enemy structures pretty early, and if she groups up with her teammates, they’ll be able to destroy the enemy base pretty fast. Despite the fact that her abilities seem to be pretty straightforward, playing this character can be really challenging. It requires the player to know all the ins and outs of both macro and micro game to be efficient when playing the Drow. It’s essential to properly rotate around the map and be in the right place at the right time. It’s also important to group up with the team from time to time. Besides, it’s critical to pay attention to the map and know where the allied creeps are so that you could use your aura at the right time. Just like any other ranged hero, the Drow is pretty vulnerable, and even if a make a slightest misplay you run the risk of being taken down. This is why it takes some time to adjust to the hero and learn how to play her right.

An Evil Geniuses pro player, EG. Arteezy, is going to demonstrate to us his prowess as Traxex in a play-off match against Virtus Pro which took place at The International 2018. It’s worth pointing out that it was a loser bracket match, and thus the stakes were high.

If you want to learn how to play Drow in full detais, check out our Best Matches section for many replays of PRO and high MMR players!

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