Team OG lost to the OpenAI bots

April 13, 2019

Team OG lost to the OpenAI bots team with a score of 0: 2 in the show match today. First map was even, but bots were really great at focusing structures and finished the game with megacreeps. On the second map, the International 2018 champions surrendered in less than 20 minutes.

Both teams had a limited pool of heroes to choose from. Unlike previous show matches, OG could use the invisible heroes, and the OpenAI Five courier was not invulnerable. At the same time illusions and summoned creatures were forbidden. Full replay of match can be found here!

The OpenAI bot debuted at The International 2017, where he beat Danil Dendi Ishutin in a 1vs1 match on Shadow Fiend. Later, the company introduced the AI ​​team, which was defeated by paiN Gaming and the team of the Chinese scene veterans on TI8.

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