How to win Open AI?

April 19, 2019

Dota 2 fans have discovered a vulnerability in the OpenAI bot, with which bots can be easily beaten. The strategy to collect three artifacts on Riki: Radiance, Aether Lens and Meteor Hammer. After that, the hero will be able to destroy all the buildings on the AI ​​side without being even noticed.

Bots do not know how to properly use Sentry Wards, and they only use Dust of Appearance if they have noticed an invisible hero before. Build through Radiance allows Riki to destroy creep waves without appearing on the map, and Meteor Hammer and Aether Lens make it possible to break down buildings without entering their field of vision.

This vulnerability was pointed out by OG support Johan “n0tail” Sundstein OpenAI after losing a show match against a team of bots. The Dane said that his computer opponents are good at “pressing buttons”, but they do not know how to cope with invisible heroes.

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